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Singapore’s first fully-automated safe deposit box facility that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Today, many banks are cutting back on safe deposit box services and customers are looking elsewhere for alternatives.

Conceptually similar to an ATM, the European modeled [email protected] is a total security solution designed with the user’s experience in mind – particularly, the user’s accessibility, security and privacy.

Unlike the conventional safe deposit box facility, [email protected] does not feature a wall of boxes – just a kiosk and a dispenser in a secure room which operates on a multi-level identity authentication mode. This frees our clients from restricted operating hours and sidesteps the inconvenient formalities of needing staff personnel to be present to unlock doors and safe deposit boxes. Since the boxes are dispensed by robots, the client is guaranteed privacy when accessing their box contents.

[email protected]’s automated safe deposit boxes are made by Gunnebo, an international leader in security systems from Sweden.

The vault contains boxes of two sizes – Small and Large. The safe deposit boxes are housed within a vault with thick concrete walls and Grade VIII European Certification Body, Security, Fire & Life Safety (ECB•S) certification, supported by the European Security Systems Association (ESSA).

[email protected] is the safe storage that truly works for you.



[email protected] is a joint venture between the landlord of 268 Orchard Road and Ngee Ann Development Pte Ltd.

The commercial property at 268 Orchard Road was developed by Ngee Ann Development Pte Ltd into a 147,500sqft complex. They collaborated with the well-exclaimed architect, Raymond Woo, who has designed many iconic buildings such as Ngee Ann Kongsi’s very own shopping mall, Ngee Ann City. The building was completed in the last quarter of 2014 and we had our first launch on 20th April 2015.

Ngee Ann Development Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of The Ngee Ann Kongsi that manages the leasing of office and retail spaces in Ngee Ann City. Ngee Ann City is a commercial and civic project conceptualized by The Ngee Ann Kongsi, through Ngee Ann Development Pte Ltd, with Orchard Square Development Corporation (OSDC) in 1988. This massive shopping and office complex lies in the heart of Orchard Road. In 1989, Ngee Ann Development and Takashimaya Co. Ltd signed the joint venture agreement where Takashimaya entered a 20-years lease for the NAD portion of the shopping centre with the rights to name it Takashimaya Shopping Centre.